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Aiou old or past paper for B A or B S class for very important subject code 1424 English Compulsory – II semester spring 2014. Old paper code 1424 spring 2014, past paper code 1424 for semester spring 2014.

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Q.1: Read the following sentences carefully, and find out which phrases or sentences are formal and which are informal. Put the letter F next to those phrases or sentence types that are formal and T next to those which are informal.
i) The seminar will come once this week
ii) We had a little bit of lick this time
iii) Hello friend
iv) I look forward to hearing from you
v) Why don’t we
vi) I really am sorry
vii) I will not be able to attend the
viii) How’s life
ix) Let me know as soon as possible
x) Yours sincerely

Q.2: Write an essay in a formal writing style having an introduction, main body and a concluding paragraph on any one of the following topics (of around 250 words)
(a) My Family
(b) Co-Education
(c) Role of Media

Q3: Keeping in view the cause and effect relations make ten sentences using the given phrases So, therefore, thus, as a result, as a consequence, because, as, for the reason, caused-by, since.

Q4: Read r he following sentences carefully and find out the general word and then make a classification diagram.
A: Sofa, chair, furniture, table, bed, cupboard
B: Coat, clothes, pant, shirt, scarf, kurta
C: Soft drinks, mango juice, Pepsi, Miranda, Seven up
D: Bananas, Grapes, fruits, Pomegranate, Oranges
E: Television, vacuum cleaner, Appliances, Owen, Juicer

Q.5: Use appropriate transitions to show the contrasting relationship in the following pair of sentences. A: Shagufta loves cats, but her husband hates them.
B: The winter in Murree are cold and snowy. The summers are pleasant and breezy.
C: Salman Speaks English very well. His wife speaks it poetry.
D: Allama Iqbal Open University is located in Islamabad. Fatima Jinnah University is in Rawalpindi.
E: Jamila weighs 150 pounds. His friend Jeddy weighs 200 pounds.

Q.6: Write a short comparison contrast paragraph on the changed roles of man and women in a Pakistani society.


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