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Aiou old paper for aiou students code 207 semester spring 2015 of Functional English. Functional English code 207 basically taught to the students to improve their writing and spoken English skill. For Functional English code 207 you may use the following tags:- aiou past paper code 207, aiou old paper code 207, aiou past paper code 207 spring 2015, aiou old paper code 207 spring 2015, code 207 old paper spring 2015, spring 2015 past paper code 207.

Note:Attempt All Questions.

Q.1: Change the following sentences into WH questions.
I. His nationality is American. (What)
ii. He joined the department recently. (When)
iii. This is my shirt. (Which)
iv. Saeed is from Karachi. (Where)
v. She left that college.(Why)

Q.2: What do you do daily in the hostel? Describe hostel life routine in 15-20 sentences.

Q.3: Express your likes and dislikes about the following (one sentence for likes and one for dislikes),
i. Going for a walk in the Morning. ii. playing table tennis. iii. cooking Pakistani dishes. iv. watching Indian dramas. v. reading news papers.

Q.4: How would you accept or decline the following invitations, (one sentence for acceptance and one for declination)
i. Would you attend my sister’s wedding. ii. Let us go for shopping in Saddar. iii. How about having a dinner at my home. iv. Let us listen to old songs. v. Let us go for a long drive.

Q.5: Write the designation/title of the following.
i. Person who constructs homes. ii. Person who does operations. iii. Person who types. iv. Person who does wood work. v. Person who fixes sanitary items like pipes etc.

Q.6: Describe the following jobs / professions in a sentence.
1. Electrician 2. Psychiatrist 3. Beautician 4. Steward 5. Goldsmith

Q.7: Complete the following sentences by writing a suitable reason. Use the words given in brackets. i. My friends works day and night (as) ii. The plants are green and fresh (due to) iii. She was late for the class (because) iv. You may buy shoes, earrings and dresses (since) . v. He is not studying hard (so)

Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad Level: Matric Semester: Spring 2015 Paper: Functional English – 1 (207)

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