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Aiou old paper for aiou course code 456 business taxation for the semester spring 2015. Aiou old paper code 456, aiou past paper code 456, aiou past paper code 456 spring 2015, aiou old paper code 456 spring 2015 business taxation, income tax ordinance 2001. This course code 456 is the explanation and introduction of income tax ordinance 2001 in Pakistan.

Q.1: Describe in detail the powers and functions of the Commissioner Inland Revenue (CIR) as provided under the Income tax Ordinance 2001. 20

Q.2: Explain in detail the legal provisions regarding the mechanism of appeal filing under the Income Tax ordinance 2001. 20

Q.3: What is meant by assessment? Briefly write down the types of assessment. Discuss legal provisions regarding assessment of income under the Income Tax Ordinance 2001. 20

Q.4: Define the following terms with reference to the Income Tax Ordinance 2001: (a) Small Company (b) Person (c) Total income (d) Tax period (c) Royalty (f) Association of Person (g) Capital Asset 20

Q.5: From the following information, calculate taxable income and tax payable by Mr. Zaheer. (Tax rates are given at the end) from the given data
(1) Basic Salary (annual) 11, 00,000 (2) Conveyance Allowance (annual) 250,000 (3) Medical expenses (annual) 30,000 (4) Travelling expenses reimbursed by employer 11,000 (annual) (5) Property income (per month) 25000 (6) Capital gains on sale of shares of public company after 1 year of purchase 100,000 (7) Income from other sources (annual) 140,000 (8) Zakat paid 10,000 (9) Donation to a school 15,000

Q:-6 what is provident fund? Describe the types of provident fund. Briefly discuss the taxation of provident fund under the Income Tax Ordinance 2001.

Q.7: What is meant by business income? Explain in detail the taxation of business income under the Income Tax Ordinance 2001.

Q.8: Discuss in detail the legal provisions regarding the following topics under the Sales Tax Aet 1990: (i). Sales tax record keeping (ii). Sales tax return filing (iii). Sales tax refunds (IV). sales tax audit

Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad Level:
Bachelor Paper: Business Taxation (456) Semester: Spring, 2015

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