Aiou old papers code 1423 spring 2014

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Aiou old papers code 1423 spring 2014

This is Aiou old papers code 1423 spring 2014 or B S students of Open University for the course code 1423 English compulsory – I semester spring 2014. The time for this paper was 3 hours and students required to pass 40% marks.

Aiou old papers B A English code 1423 for Semester Spring 2014

Q.1: Write an informal/personal letter to your cousin and invite him/her to spend his/her semester break with you.

Q.2: Suppose you come across the famous nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan in a party, Write ten questions which you would like to ask him to seek information about his personal and professional life.

Q.3: Write a brief and concise paragraph based on your childhood memories using regular as well as irregular past tense verbs.

Q.4: What are your future goals and objectives regarding. Your educational and professional life? Write five statements each by using different expressions of showing intentions.

Q.5: Write an essay of around 300 words arguing why men and women should be given equal employment opportunities.

Q.6: How would you express appreciation and gratitude to your mother? Write down ten expressions which you may use to acknowledge her love and sacrifice for the family.

Q.7: Suppose your younger brother is going to stay in a foreign country for the sake of higher education, what kinds of advice and suggestions you would like to give him to make his stay a fruitful one?

Q.8: Make two sentences each from the following list of modal verbs. Can, might, should, must, would.

aiou old paper code 1423 spring 2014

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