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Aiou old / past paper for B A or B S students for their course code 1423 for the semester spring 2013. We advise you to go through this old or past paper very deeply. We know the importance of old papers that’s why we are going to upload past paper / old paper for course code 1423. This paper is for semester spring 2013. aiou old paper code 1423 spring 2013, aiou past paper code 1423 spring 2013, old paper code 1423 spring 2013, past paper code 1423 spring 2013, code 1423 spring 2013 old paper, code 1423 spring 2013 past paper


Q.1: Write an essay of about 300 words on and ONE of the following topics. The essay should have an introduction, body and a conclusion.
i) Types of pollution and their effects on human life.
ii) The most memorable day of my life?
iii) Should corporal punishment be used to punish children?

Q.2: Read the following passage and do the exercises that follow.
Marco Polo was born in 1254 in the Venetian Republic. The city of Venice, Italy was at the center of the Venetian Republic. When he was 17 years old, he went to China with his father, Nicosia, and his unde. Maffeo. Pope Gregory X sent them to visit Kublai Khan, the emperor of China. Kublal Khan liked Marco Polo. He enjoyed Marco Polo’s stories about many lands. Kublai Khan gave Marco Polo a Job. He sent Polo on diplomatic missions. He also made him governor of Yangihou, an important trading city. When Marco Polo went back to the Venetian Republic, he talked about his life In China. FeW believed his stories, to 1298, he went to Jail during a war between venice and Genoa. While he was ‘a prisoner in jail, he dictated his stories about China to another man in Jail. The man wrote down the stories. The stories became the book, “The Travels of Marco Polo.” Each chapter of the book covers a specific region of china. Each chapter is about the military, farming, religion, and culture of a certain area. The book was translated into many languages.

Marco Polo got out of Jail in 1299. He went back to Venice to join his father and uncle. He became very rich. In 1300 he got married, and he and his wife had three children. Marco PoId died in 1324. He was almost 70 years old.
1) Who did Marco Polo visit in China?
A. Niceolo
B. Maffeo
C. Pope Gregory
D. Kublai Khan
2) In China, Marco Polo worked as a
A. storyteller.
B. governor.
C writer.
D. trader.
3) Who wrote down Marco Polo’s stories?
A. His father
B. His uncle
C. A prisoner
D. The emperor
4) When did Marco Polo go to Jail?
A. 1298
B. 1299
C. 1300
5) There was a wat between…
A. Italy and China
B. China and Venice
C. Venice and Genoa
D. Yangihou and Genoa.
6) An emperor is a….
A. king.
B. queen.
C. trader.
D. missionary.
7) A prisoner is a person who
A. does not believe something.
B. Is not allowed to leave
C. takes care of a city
D. writes books.
8) What is another word for dictated?
A. Read
B. Told
C. Sold
D. Wrote
9) Specific means
A. rich
B. certain
C. married
D. Important
10) What is another way to say translated?
A. Printed In a book
B. Written down as a story
C. Changed to a different language’
D. None of the above

Q.3: Change the narration. Attempt any six.

1) Azam said, “What is Saif doing tonight?”
2) She said, ” I have eaten it”.
3) He said to us, “I can go by bus”.
4) “Ill do it tomorrow”. he announced.
5) She said, ” I don’t like it”.
6) I said to him, ” Do you like it?”
7) They said to the officer. “we did not bring it”.

Q.4: Write paragraph explaining how automobiles and airplanes have changed people’s lives.
Write a paragraph comparing and contrasting Islam and Christianity.

Q.5: Use these words to complete the sentences. You may change the forms of some of the words. Dread, ditch, story, terrified, precious
1. The car turned over when one of its wheels went into a……………… along the roadside.
2. Some building in Karachi are over twenty………………high.
3. Are you frightened of walking home in the dark? ‘Yes. I……………’
4. When all the lights went out, the little child was………………….
5. The shop sold diamonds, rubies and other………………..stones.

Q.6: Correct the errors in the following sentence. One sentence does not have any errors.
1. He gonna let me have more water?
2. The work have to be done by monday.
3. The car an truck is in the backyard.
4. Yesterday, after the party, we went home.
5. The cake has eggs flour and milk in it.
6. We going to there house.

Q.7: Write a letter to the Editor of a daily newspaper complaining about rising number of beggars in your town.


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